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TITLE: EMP, EM&V and Building Electrification Climate Fellow

JOB POSTING #: 30-2020
DATE OF POSTING: December 23, 2020
DATE OF CLOSING: January 22, 2021

SALARY: Commensurate with Experience
EXISTING VACANCIES: One (1) two-year grant-funded position
DIVISION/LOCATION: Board of Public Utilities Division of Clean Energy

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Under the direction of the Deputy Director of the Division of Clean Energy, will be responsible for identifying, collecting and organizing metrics for multiple high-priority clean energy and initiatives as outlined in the Energy Master Plan (EMP). The Fellow will be responsible for the evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) of programs, and building electrification.

New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan, adopted in January 2020, charts a path to a 100% clean energy future by setting forth seven key strategies to shift away from energy production that contributes to climate change. The EMP calls for 100% clean energy by 2050 and highlights the need for maximum electrification of the transportation and building sectors, which are the greatest carbon emission producing sectors in the state. The EMP is the foundation for a series of important steps to ensure that New Jersey generates, uses, and manages its energy supply in a way that is consistent with economic, climate, and societal demands. The adoption of this ambitious plan lays out a broad call to action for all sectors within the state and sets the stage for the execution of the strategies. Several critical immediate efforts are needed to realize the bold vision of the EMP. One is the development of a detailed, cross-agency implementation plan with milestones and metrics. Additionally, common EM&V is needed, and consistent metrics must be developed to track progress toward and verify achievement of EMP goals, as well as goals established for the next generation of energy efficiency (EE) programs, as described more below. Finally, the EMP requires a transformation in New Jersey’s built environment through building electrification; plans for the next generation of building stock in New Jersey must commence to begin this critical transition.

The EM&V Working Group will provide recommendations to the Board on the development of a standard, transparent, and replicable approach to EM&V of energy efficiency programs across the state.

A successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Identify specific and measurable EMP goals, objectives, and timelines across state agencies under the direction of the Senior Policy Advisor to the Board;
  • Support the establishment of the EM&V Working Group to provide for adaptive management and adoption of best management practices, as well as implement best practice EM&V principles within the Division;
  • Identify and recommend a set of metrics and a system/process to track GHG emissions and energy savings consistently across programs and agencies;
  • Collaborate with consultants and stakeholders to recommend and implement a transition plan to a fully electrified building sector. with.

Work Responsibilities:

  • Analyze, track and report on the implementation of New Jersey’s EMP, as well as assist the Senior Policy Advisor in interagency EMP actions and tracking;
  • Identify and collect benchmark data for large building water and energy usage;
  • Work with the Senior Policy Advisor to develop state policy on building electrification;
  • Work with and manage consultants and grantees for contracts and grants related to EE, including building electrification and more;
  • Through coordination and collaboration with the EE statewide evaluator, develop and implement a robust EM&V program for State-led EE programs, utilizing best practices to develop and track program efficacy;
  • Participate in various teams, consisting of professional staff members (i.e., engineers, projects specialists, strategic BPU, and other agency team partners), as well as consultants and contractors, setting timelines, communicating regularly with the Director and Deputy Director, ensuring that projects stay on track and budget, and adjusting if necessary to meet new requirements;
  • Ability to engage with individuals, organizations, and businesses outside of the BPU to advance project objectives. Coordinate, oversee, and track project metrics and deliverables;
  • Coordinate and collaborate with partner agencies to achieve project deliverables and meet organizational timelines, as well as monitor and participate in related projects and programs;
  • Participate in new opportunities, draft effective technical proposals, and assist in the development of new programs and projects;
  • Review and assist in the modification and redesign of programs and eligibility criteria of programs available through the NJCEP;
  • Develop policy recommendations, perform technical reviews, grant proposal review and grant management, market analyses, program oversight, budget assessment, Board Order and other regulatory document preparation and presentation and the review and preparation of comments on relevant legislation as required; and
  • Participate in internal and external stakeholder meetings.

REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree preferred.

EXPERIENCE: Demonstrated project management skills, including such factors as strong interpersonal and communication skills, decision-making, problem analysis, creative thinking, administrative judgment, budgeting or financial control, and interdepartmental cooperation/liaison. Demonstrated facility with EM&V, data analytics, and analytical tools desired.

NOTE: Knowledge of the energy industry, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and/or sustainability issues preferred.

OPEN TO THE FOLLOWING: Open to NJ Residents.


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