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Valerie Shearer

Board Member, SDDC
Consultant, Supplier Diversity, JCP&L/FirstEnergy

Valerie Shearer has been with FirstEnergy for 31 years and is a Consultant, Supplier Diversity for FirstEnergy Service Company. In this role, she contributes to increased and effective utilization of diverse suppliers throughout the company.

Valerie is responsible for working with FirstEnergy’s Supply Chain buyers, managers and leadership team to develop a proactive program for supplier identification, growth and development; strategic planning; and program measurement. She also is responsible for identifying diverse suppliers through community outreach and participation in trade fairs on the local and national levels.

FirstEnergy recognizes the value diversity brings to all aspects of its business operations. In Supply Chain we are committed to supplier diversity as a core value; and believe it is fundamental to achieving our mission of providing superior value to our customers and investors. Having an inclusive supplier diversity strategy is essential when sourcing products and services, selecting suppliers, or managing supplier and contractor relationships. Inclusiveness provides real business opportunities to traditionally underused suppliers. Diversifying our supplier base enhances competition among suppliers, resulting in increasingly innovative products and services, improved reliability, and lower costs.