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Maddie Chandran, MBA, LEED AP

Managing Principal, r6catalyst, LLC

Maddie Chandran is a seasoned business executive with demonstrable success in developing and implementing innovative programs and initiatives. After spending many years on strategic growth planning, client relationship management, and business development on behalf of large and small private firms, Maddie knows what truly drives a business forward.

As managing principal with r6catalyst, she has led the firm to work on significant, challenging and meaningful programs in partnership with government entities in New York and New Jersey. The cultural sensitivities she gained from her international experience has made her a natural manager and creative problem solver. An ardent advocate of equity, Maddie is passionate about social justice and deeply vested in leveling the playing field by promoting small minority-and women-owned business’ advancement and inclusion in mainstream projects. Since 2011, she has steered r6catalyst into making diversity and inclusion a foundational pillar of the firm and on working on programs to assist under-privileged small businesses a primary focus.

With her strong-willed determination, penchant for challenges and integrity, she leads by example and sets the overall direction for the firm. She brings a holistic perspective to program management, oversight and direction, situational analyses and developing strategies for organizational alignment, and internal and external communications. Maddie is involved in various critical aspects of the firm’s management and participating on many of the significant projects. She regularly conducts training for small business owners and CEOs on several topics including business strategy, procurement, organization development, communications and marketing.

Her strong academic background and her rich, diverse experience has given her exemplary strength in strategic planning and meticulous execution of varied projects and process improvement initiatives. Maddie holds an MBA in International Business (Marketing and Finance) from the prestigious Symbiosis International University in India, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. In addition to her affiliation with multiple industry organizations, she has recently joined the Board of the Supplier Diversity Development Council (SDDC), NJ and has previously served as Chair of the USGBC NJ (North).