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Christine Nichlos

Past President, SDDC
Founder and CEO, Peoplescience

A visionary in the talent acquisition industry and a widely respected thought leader on all aspects of recruiting, Christine Nichlos is founder and CEO of People Science, the recruitment process outsourcing business and talent acquisition consulting corporation located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

After leaving a corporate leadership within the staffing industry, Nichlos founded People Science in 1997 to help companies solve their toughest hiring challenges and transform how they acquire the talent they need today and tomorrow.

For nearly two decades, she has led the development of cutting-edge information systems, processes and methodologies to create a business with four distinct divisions: Recruitment Process Outsourcing/Insourcing (RPO/RPI), Recruitment Placement Services and a new proprietary software, HireGate.

Nichlos has also developed the Recruiting Continuum methodology, which has become the cornerstone of People Science’s success.  This approach can be leveraged to provide a positive candidate experience, continually ensure the best possible hires, and connect recruiting directly to a company’s business objectives.

Company Summary

From its inception in 1997, companies such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum), Lucent Technologies, Facebook, and Verizon, have relied on People Science to “break the code” of their toughest and most complicated recruiting efforts.

Our services include:
Talent Acquisition Consulting:
Providing Advice and Direction and Solutions road mapping for clients to enact and meet their recruiting initiatives

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:
Assuming portions of or the entire recruitment function

Human Resource Contractors and Direct Hire Services

HireGate: Talent acquisition management software that augments Applicant Tracking Systems and provides un-paralleled reporting and metrics, completing the automation of the talent acquisition cycle